How to take Picolax

The full prescription of Picolax consists of two sachets which must be dissolved in 150 ml of water each. These should both be taken on the day before your procedure, one sachet taken before 8am and the second six to eight hours later (or as advised by your doctor).

Each sachet of Picolax dissolves in 150 ml of water to produce an orange tasting liquid which should be drunk down in one go.

How to take Picolax

Add to Water 1. Add the sachet of Picolax to 150 ml of cold water
Stir for 2-3 minutes 2. Stir for 2-3 minutes until it becomes an off-white cloudy solution and then drink it (if the solution heats up, this is nothing to worry about, wait for it to cool down before you drink it)
Drink 3. Drink approximately 250 ml of clear fluids every hour until the effects of Picolax persist

Each Picolax dose should be followed by about 250 ml of a drink of your choice* every hour while the effects of Picolax persist. This is very important as it ensures Picolax works effectively and prevents you from becoming dehydrated. Failure to consume enough fluid may mean Picolax does not work properly and this could lead to a repeat procedure.

1 Mug - Approx 1/2 Pint 1 Glass - Approx 1/3 Pint 1 Cup - Approx 1/4 Pint

*Fluids to drink during your treatment with Picolax include:

  • Water/soda water
  • Squash
  • Herbal/fruit teas

Please avoid dairy products or staining liquids such as:

  • Milk
  • Tea/coffee
  • Red or cloudy fruit juices
Good fluids Bad fluids

It may help you to keep a record of the amount of fluid you have drunk and at what time; this will make sure you do not forget to drink enough fluid during your treatment with Picolax.

To download the Picolax Dose Guide and fluid intake sheet please click here.

Leading up to and during your treatment with Picolax you must follow a low residue (low fibre) diet. To find out more about this visit 'Your diet while taking Picolax'.